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Hot Products

Heuchera 'Forever Purple'

Now available for growers to preorder, Heuchera 'Forever Purple' from Terra Nova Nurseries has a vigorous, multi-crown mounding habit with showstopping foliage. Short-stemmed spikes of purple- pink flowers in the summer are paired with deep, ultra-purple glossy leaves with fluted edges that last throughout the year. Heuchera 'Forever Purple' grows to an average size of 12 inches tall by 22 inches wide with a 15-inch flower height, and it performs well in Zones 4 to 9 in sun to shade.

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Illicium 'Pink Frost'

Illicium floridanum 'Pink Frost' (First Editions® Pink Frost purple anise tree) from Bailey Nurseries boasts variegated, white and green foliage that provides a backdrop to the shrub's deep maroon, star-shaped flowers. This shade garden standout adds extra winter interest as the variegation turns a pink-rose color when temperatures dip. Hardy in zones 6 to 9, 'Pink Frost' reaches 6 to 10 feet tall and wide and is a vigorous growing evergreen.

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Lady in Red Physocarpus

Physocarpus Lady in Red ('Tuilad') is a medium-sized deciduous shrub with large, attractively lobed, red or reddish-purple leaves that are much brighter and richer in color than other varieties of ninebark. In summer, it produces attractive, dense, round flower heads of tiny pink flowers, which look gorgeous against the dark foliage. This shrub is an excellent, fully hardy plant which, thanks to its color-coded leaves, highlights every landscape. It likes sun or shade and any soil.

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