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Hot Products

Smart controllers

Netafim Landscape Controllers from Netafim USA determine the unique watering needs of a specific landscape by incorporating both historical and current weather data, as well as real-time data from soil moisture sensors that monitor the amount of moisture available to plants in each zone. The NLC series of irrigation controllers offers an advanced suite of water-management features that include: intuitive programming for retrofit and expansion, remote management capabilities that allow professionals to adjust programming and review schedules of multiple sites from any internet-ready device, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with Netafim's Total Cycle Management.

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Ball cart accessories

Got an A.M. Leonard ball cart? A set of new accessories will make your job easier. Once you attach the Leonard universal bracket, your ball cart is ready for more. Walking a long distance on uneven ground with a heavy tree that you can barely hold onto? What a hassle. Instead use the trailer attachment so your ball cart can be pulled by a tractor or gator. Why be wobbly and unstable when three wheels are better than two? Add a caster wheel for stability and safety so the load is easier to push. Finally, the t-bar attachment with the extra- wide handle empowers you with multiple positions to ensure you have the best leverage and control for those extra large loads.

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Tree support ties

Horticultural Marketing & Printing introduces its TST200 and TST300 Tree Support Ties. These rubber ties hold trees securely without costly trunk damage or slipping. They work with steel wire, nylon and non-slip cord tree hanger systems, requiring no bolts or screws, and have no metal parts that can damage tree trunks. The TST200 is perfect for trees up to 15 gallons in size, and the TST300 works for trees up to 30 gallons. The synthetic rubber is UV resistant and designed to last more than 10 years in the field without splitting or cracking. The ties' innovative design prevents slipping side-to-side in high winds, which can create trunk damage due to the twisting effect.

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Nozzle calculation app

Greenleaf Technologies has introduced its free NozzleCalc app. Chemical labels are recommending specific droplet sizes, which makes it imperative to select nozzles for droplet size and not simply GPA. To use the nozzle calculator feature, simply enter your desired speed and application rate, along with your nozzle spacing. NozzleCalc will recommend several options of TurboDrop (TDXL), AirMix (AM), and TurboDrop DualFan (TADF) nozzles in various sizes. Just choose the nozzle that matches your required droplet size. NozzleCalc also includes information about other Greenleaf Technologies products as well as a speed-dial button for calling direct to Greenleaf Technologies' main office. Download at

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Utility cart

The OxCart utility cart from-you guessed it-OxCart features a power-assist lift, reducing dumping effort by up to 90 percent. Features include run-flat, tractor-grade turf tires to move heavy loads rut-free across turf, lawns and gardens; an offset dump pivot, eliminating harsh and abrupt dump release caused by heavy loads shifting; and a full mandrel bend steel axle support to provide high clearance and super strength to hold and move heavy loads. A side dump rotates 110 degrees from either direction, making it safe to place heavy loads where they were meant to go.

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New Companion packaging

Companion Biological Fungicide from Growth Products has a new look: A new royal blue bottle protects the product from UV light, and the industry favorite design, an F-style handle, is easy to use and pour, making it the perfect packaging choice. The heavy HDPE material will survive the toughest handling and worst storage conditions. It's available in four different package sizes, so that it meets the needs of both smaller and larger users. Also available in larger, 30-gallon drum quantities for larger end-users.

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