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Hot Products

Outdoor speakers

Outdoor speakers from Niles Audio deliver superior quality to liven any back yard. The RSPro Series, configured as landscape rocks, features a new NoFadeT Protective Finish and four-layer fiberglass weave that can withstand all outdoor elements. The Planter Speakers blend into outdoor décor, and the Niles GSS10, 10- inch In-Ground Subwoofer pumps out loud, theater-quality bass.

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Biological insecticide

OHP Inc. has introduced Azatin O, a biological insecticide that will replace the company's current Azatin XL. (Azatin XL will remain available temporarily to allow growers to deplete their inventories.) The new product features several upgrades, including an OMRI listing; registration in New York, California and all other states; the highest concentration of azadirachtin available (4.5 percent); 175 grams of azadirachtin per gallon, compared to 128 grams or less in competitive azadirachtin products; and rate flexibility. Azatin O can be used indoors, outdoors and in hydroponic growing systems; on ornamentals, fruits and vegetables, including berries, plus herbs and spices. Azatin O is an insect growth regulator, controlling the larval stage of many tough pests-grubs, borers, stink bugs, chafers, grasshoppers, leafhoppers, aphids, psyllids, scale, thrips, whiteflies and many Lepidoptera species.

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Pint-size Natural Garden Natives

Midwest Groundcovers has added pint-size pots to its spring 2014 Natural Garden Natives? product offerings. This premier native plant collection includes 245 plants that are indigenous to the Midwest region and genetically adapted to Illinois soil and climate conditions. Stock plants and seedbeds originated from plants collected within a 90-mile radius of the St. Charles nursery site. Native plants require no chemical fertilizers, little or no pesticides and little or no water. These region-specific plants provide food and shelter for wildlife, enhance ecological diversity, and improve water quality. Natural Garden Natives® plants are available at Independent Garden Centers (IGCs) throughout the Chicagoland area.

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