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American Nurseryman Magazine - Horticulture Magazine and Horticulture Books - August, 2014


Product Picks

Resource Guide

Emerald Coast Growers has released its 2014-2015 Resource Guide, featuring varietal and marketing information for the company's perennials, grasses and tropicals. With more than 60 new varieties including additions to the popular Pennisetum Royal Collection and a hot new crop of Terra Nova Nurseries Heuchera, the offering continues to be one of the industry's most diverse. The company's Native Wonders collection of ornamental North American native grasses and perennials continues to expand, and succulents continue their boutique reign.

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Nursery production manual

Written for wholesale nursery growers and propagators, the new "Container Nursery Production and Business Management Manual" from the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources includes 25 chapters of comprehensive, research-based information.

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Desert Escape collection

Costa Farms introduces its Desert Escape collection of bold, no-fuss cacti and succulents in a range of pot sizes and price points, including 306 packs, 1-quart, 2.5-quart, 3-quart and 2-gallon pots. Varieties include desert rose (red, pink or white flowers), low-growing echeveria and aloe, and upright cacti.

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HOLDit adjuvant

HOLDit from BioSafe Systems is an effective, easy-to-use adjuvant that reduces drift risk and maximizes pesticide performance. Used in a spray program, it's said to increase the level of product efficacy and provide greater residual control. Specifically formulated to enhance the performance of ZeroTol 2.0, OxiPhos, & AXXE, HOLDit holds the active ingredient and effectively improves deposition.

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