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Hot Products

Cab system for Deere models

Curtis Industries has added a new cab system for John Deere 1023 and 1026 model compact tractors, offering both soft-sided and hard-sided editions. Both versions come standard with pin-hinged doors for easy removal in minutes and key-locking outside handles. These cabs measure 61 inches from floorboard in height. The windshield is made of molded tempered safety glass with internal latches to allow ventilation for maximum air circulation. Also standard with the new WorkPro Cab System for the John Deere 1023 and 1026 models is 12-volt heavy-duty electric wiper.

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Oglesby's online store

Oglesby Plants International has launched a new online catalog of its complete young plant line. The online catalog features product availability plus details including tray size, price and tag and royalty information. Young plants are available for any customers in the contiguous United States. Customers can shop by category or genera, plus easily find the newest introductions, then use streamlined user-friendly shopping cart technology to add choices to the order and check out. Customers receive immediate e-mail confirmation of their orders, followed by an electronic shipping notification including tracking numbers.

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Urban columnar apples

What's better than a fresh, crisp, crunchy apple? One from your own apple tree. Garden Debut® has introduced Urban Columnar apples that yield great tasting fruit in a very small space. Slender, vertical trees grow in large pots on sunny decks, balconies or patios and are loaded with full-sized apples. Maturing to 8 to 10 feet tall - but only two feet in diameter - these prolific producers are suitable for the smallest gardens. Tasty Red, Blushing Delight, Golden Treat and Tangy Green are the first of the grow-your-own series.

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Solar glazing

Solar Components Corp. offers Sun-Lite® HP glass fiber reinforced polymer for greenhouse applications, available in rolls or as prefabricated panels. Sun-Lite screens out harsh UV rays, which cause stem elongations, collapse and discoloration. The transmitted UV helps control viral and bacterial populations. Sun-Lite transmits over 90 percent of the available energy in the visible range (0.38 to 0.76 microns); most of the short -wave infrared (0.76 to 2.2 microns); and blocks most of the long-wave infrared energy (2.2 to 50 microns). The short-wave infrared energy provides heat, which helps create optimum temperature for seed and plant growth by heating the air and soil surrounding the plants.

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Earth auger with four-stroke engine tech

The 240 hole digger from General Equipment Co. features four-stroke engine technology, which eliminates the need for premixed fuel and oil solutions. A Magura twist grip throttle controls the engine speed for optimal power output. Using a highly efficient spur gear transmission, the 240 produces a maximum drilling torque of 55 foot-pounds for improved digging performance. The 240's all-metal centrifugal clutch slips upon overload or when the auger makes direct contact with a buried obstruction. Proper operating position is promoted by the exclusive Comfort-Zone handle design, which is intended to minimize the effects of kickback and fatigue. The industry standard 1-inch diameter driveshaft connection accommodates the use of earth augers ranging from 2 to 8 inches in diameter. The standard digging depth is 30 inches, which can be increased with an available 15-inch, non-flighted extension.

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KERB® SC T&O specialty herbicide

Dow AgroSciences announces KERB® SC T&O specialty herbicide, an easier-to-apply formulation that uses pints per acre, rather than pounds, making it easier to match rates to the treatment area. The new liquid formulation also is easier on equipment and reduces worker exposure. KERB SC T&O is a proven, versatile tool for golf course superintendents and lawn care, landscape and nursery professionals. It provides both preemergence and early postemergence control of many winter annual and perennial grasses, including annual bluegrass (Poa annua) from warm-season grasses and the removal of perennial ryegrass from warm-season grasses during spring transition. KERB SC T&O, which replaces KERB 50WP specialty herbicide, is now available in most states.

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