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LA cuts trees for space shuttle


Say it ain't so. Please.

About 400 mature trees in Los Angeles and environs are being sacrificed to make way for a national treasure of sorts, but residents aren't quite sure they're getting what they bargained for. The City of Angels is thrilled to receive NASA's Space Shuttle Endeavour for the California Science Center --- so much so that a two-day festival of sorts is planned, including a slumber party (yes, you read that correctly) and a parade that will lead the shuttle on a 12-mile route to its new, permanent home. History in the making! Fun! Excitement! But wait . . . in order to accommodate the rather large, now-grounded space vehicle, 400 mature street trees are being removed. Seems the massive shuttle has a wing span that would slice through those trees anyway, so municipalities along the parade route struck a deal with NASA for replacements --- in some cases, for every tree felled, two will be planted. Much of the damage has already been done, and residents now are speculating that it'll be decades --- beyond the lifetime of many--- for the new plants to reach maturity. Okay, so the California Science Center is expected to pour $500K into the city of Inglewood's landscape. Still . . . Check out the LA Times story here. (Photo by Katie Falkenberg for the LA Times)