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All-in-one merchandising


Responding to the needs and requests of America's Independent Garden Centers (IGCs), The Page Seed Co./Page's Seeds and the Myers Industries Lawn & Garden Group (LGG) Consumer Products Segment have partnered to create the IGC Cornerstone Growth Program (CGP).

"What the Cornerstone Growth Program does is give Independent Garden Centers a chance to have top-selling products that fit their specific customer needs and price points, but which will be exclusive to their segment of the retail market," explained Doran Marable, U.S. distribution sales manager for the Myers Industries LGG Consumer Products Segment. "We all know, in this competitive environment, that everyone needs something unique and valuable to help them stand out. CGP provides that uniqueness. We've combined Page's 110-plus years of experience as one of the top national seed suppliers in the U.S., with the half-century of container-gardening and seed-starting experience that Myers brings, to give IGCs the quality product combinations that will give their customers the foundation needed to get growing, faster and easier."

CGP combines selected seed products from Page's - everything from its Liberty Garden value brand, to its premium and organic lines - with the industry-leading selection, quality, and value of Myers' Listo, Akro-Mils, and Planters' Pride/Plant Best container gardening and seed-starting/soil-support offerings. To make it even easier and more profitable for IGCs, the Cornerstone Growth Program's product groupings can be ordered in a complete, pre-assembled, one-pallet display that's ready to start selling straight out of the box.
"The one-pallet display gives IGCs choice, quality, and value, in a format that fits their service-first strengths and supports that personal touch independents are known for," explained Jeffrey Serko, Page's vice-president of national sales. "Plus, these are products that both Myers and Page have tracked and confirmed as being what IGC customers want to help make it easier to get growing at home. And, that of course helps the Independent Garden Centers grow their sales."

Martin Livermore, VP of sales for Foster's Inc., in Waterloo, Iowa, one of the launch distributors for the Cornerstone Growth Program, explained what he thought when Page and Myers first approached him with the concept. "I didn't believe it at first," said Livermore. "The fact that two big national companies like Page and Myers would actually partner to help many of the small independent businesses we service surprised me. But, then I looked back on all the times I've dealt with them and how customer-focused they've always been, and how much they're proud to be North American companies - then it all made sense that they would want to offer the independents, their community partners, a chance to have a program that benefitted them. Now, all the small- and medium-sized stores we service can carry top-selling product lines from two leading, national brands without having to compete on price points with bigger stores!"

Marable said the next step for the 2014 version of CGP will be the creation of different configurations of the pre-assembled, one-pallet displays to address garden center customer feedback and specific IGC requests.