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Looking to link to Nursery Stock Select?


We're not trying to pull a fast one, really. But if you've received your issue of Sprout and cannot link to Nursery Stock Select, we apologize --- something got lost in translation. Here's the story, with a working link.

Nursery and landscape wholesale buyers and growers are connecting more easily than ever with a new online tool provided by the Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association.

"We used to print a survey of stock availability," said ONLA Associate Executive Director Jennifer Gray. "But by the time buyers received it, it was essentially out of date. Nursery Stock Select is so much more accurate and user-friendly."

At nurserystockselect.com, drop-down menus make it easy for wholesale buyers to search by grower, plant or region to locate the plants and trees they need.

"Growers update their own information, so they can keep it current," Gray said. "Buyers can
easily see what each grower has in stock, and reach out to them using the current contact
information provided."

Nursery Stock Select went live on October 1, and ONLA executives are already seeing steady
traffi c on the site. "This site a great solution," Gray said. "And the more it's used by both buyers and growers, the
stronger it will become over time."

A demonstration of Nursery Stock Select's features will be available at the 2013 CENTS
Marketplace, January 14 - 16, 2013 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in
Columbus, Ohio.
"We're excited to share Nursery Stock Select at the convention," said Gray. "It's greener than
printing a book, it connects growers and buyers, and it promotes and supports our state's
economy. That makes it a win-win-win for all of us."