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ANLA urges action on Farm Bill


The 2012 Farm Bill passed the U.S. Senate on June 21, by a vote of 64-35. And in July, a version was approved by the House Agriculture Committee on a bipartisan vote of 35-11. The looming elections blocked further action. Now that the elections are over, it is time for Congress to approve a full, five-year Farm Bill.

Both the Senate and the House Agriculture Committee versions include solid funding for specialty crops, including nursery and floriculture crops. Many of the specialty crop provisions support programs and infrastructure like pest prevention and research that are vital to industry success.

Some in Congress would prefer kicking the can down the road by simply extending the current Farm Bill for one year. But that's a bad idea. It would still require extensive negotiations on a number of expiring programs. And, a one-year extension would jeopardize funding for some of the specialty crop priorities. Congress needs to act in the coming weeks to approve, and send to the President for signature, a full five-year Farm Bill.

Please take action now and contact your members of Congress! ANLA's made it easy for you: Click the link here and you'll access ANLA's fill-in-the-blanks message.