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Bandit upgrades stump grinders


Bandit Industries has developed a patent-pending update for the company's hydrostatic direct-drive Model 2250XP and Model 2550XP stump grinders. The new upgrade provides additional strength and support to the cutter wheel and shaft, providing an extra measure of containment over and above federally mandated requirements in the event of a potential component failure.
Bandit proactively developed the kit after learning of three isolated cutter wheel shaft failures on the Model 2250XP hydrostatic direct-drive stump grinder. The failures occurred in the hydrostatic motors supplied to Bandit and represent less than 1% of total Model 2250XP and Model 2550XP stump grinders currently in use.
Upon learning of the issue, Bandit immediately contacted and worked with the supplier to test the quality of the products they were supplying to Bandit. Testing conducted at Bandit headquarters showed that in some circumstances, shaft failure could result in the cutter wheel separating from the machine. To ensure the safety of operators and bystanders, Bandit immediately contacted Model 2250XP and 2550XP owners to inform them of the situation, and to request their machines be deactivated while the problem was rectified. Owners were given options for alternative equipment to help ensure their production was not affected. No recall of Bandit equipment was ever issued.
Bandit developed, tested, and implemented an update kit within 10 days of the initial report. The kit is designed to prevent cutter wheel separation in the unlikely event of shaft failure by securing the wheel to the stump grinder boom. The update kits have already been sent to current 2250/2550XP owners for installation, and the design is already implemented into new Bandit hydrostatic direct-drive stump grinders.
The kit does not affect stump grinder performance, and it preserves the high-production, low-maintenance beltless design that stump grinding professionals have embraced since the first Model 2250XP went on sale in 2012. Bandit's hydrostatic direct-drive stump grinders continue to be class-leading machines, offering the performance and capability required by stump grinding professionals without the considerable maintenance costs associated with traditional belt-driven units. The update kit further establishes the reliability of these machines.
"Bandit Industries remains committed to the highest levels of safety and customer service in all aspects of our business," said Bandit Industries President Jerry Morey. "This problem ultimately affected just a small fraction of Bandit stump grinders, but concern for the safety of our customers is why we chose to be aggressively proactive on this. The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive and we can't thank them enough for their input and support in making our extremely popular stumpers even better. We will continue to work with our customers and industry professionals to ensure Bandit equipment remains the first, best choice for companies around the world."