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Show your support for immigration reform


This just in from the ANLA offices:

Please Call Sen. Marco Rubio's Office to Support His Leadership
On Thursday, February 28, please take one small, quick, and important step to support meaningful Congressional action on immigration reform. The ask:  place a call to the office of Sen. Marco Rubio, to thank him and encourage his continued leadership in the ongoing Congressional effort to modernize America's immigration system. 
Why Act Now?
Sen. Rubio (R-FL) has become part of the "Gang of Eight," four Republican and four Democratic Senators who are negotiating a bill that addresses border security, bringing integrity to the hiring process, future legal immigration, and a tough but fair resolution for unauthorized immigrants. Rubio brings rock-solid conservative credentials and "tea party" credibility to this important debate. Rubio has also taken a leadership role in the negotiation of the agricultural, farm, nursery, and greenhouse worker provisions of the bill. 
Tomorrow's call is being organized by "Bibles, Badges and Business," a grassroots organizing initiative that seeks to bring to the debate conservative voices from the faith, law enforcement, business, and agriculture communities. 
What Do I Need to Do?
Simply mark your calendar now, to call Sen. Rubio's office tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 28). The number to call is 866-877-5552 (as back-up, the main office number is 202-224-3041). Using the toll-free number saves you the cost of the call, and allows the total number of calls to be counted. When you call in, you will hear a brief message, then be transferred. 
Note that since this is a "Bibles, Badges and Business" initiative, the introduction you will hear is rather generic but faith-oriented.  Your own message to whomever answers the phone is:
"I am calling to thank Senator Rubio for his leadership on immigration reform, and for working to craft a realistic solution specifically for agriculture, ensuring a stable and legal farm workforce now and in the future."