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New from Jelitto!


 The fine folks at Jelitto Perennial Seeds have introduced a few new varieties for 2013, and we'd like to share them with you. If you already have the company's 2012-2013 catalog, it's still valid till the end of this year. Visit Jelitto at But we couldn't wait to show you these:
Lewisia longipetala  Hybr. 'Little Tutti Frutti'
'Little Tutti Frutti' is a colorful mix that sprouted from the popular and durable Lewisia
-Hybr. series.
'Little Plum', 'Little Peach' and 'Little Mango' were Jelitto's first introductions and have all
proved better adapted to withstanding winter wet. 'Little Tutti Frutti' contains a balanced
mix of colors that include white, magenta, pink-red, orange, plus plum, peach and mango.
Jelitto's 'Little Tutti Frutti' is an excellent Lewisia blend for containers or the rock garden
with colorful blooms from May through mid-June and again in September.
Salvia scabra 'Good Hope'
Salvia scabra has its origins on South Africa's Cape of Good Hope. After observing the
delightful wild coastal sage for a few years in the garden, Good Hope brought good news.
The long flowering sage required little watering or care. Jelitto then selected for a shorter
40 cm (16") and more compact seed strain.
'Good Hope' is first year flowering, hardy to at least Zone 9, always looks tidy and is easily
grown as an annual for pots or the border. The continuous tubular shaped clear light pink
blooms last from May until frost.
Veronica orchidea 'Blue Fingers'
The little known European Veronica orchidea, an endangered species in Austria, was once
considered a subspecies of the horticulturally popular Veronica spicata.
Jelitto began observing this interesting Veronica in 1996 but it took many years to realize the
full potential of 'Blue Fingers'. The species was blessed with wide, glossy green leaves that
produced thick clumps.
'Blue Fingers' is a more disease resistant, shorter (45 cm/18") form. In addition, the sturdier
flowering spikes have lovely blooms, with slightly twisting petals, of brilliant medium blue color.
'Blue Fingers' is first-year flowering from seed!