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IR-4 protocols for 2013 posted


Updated 2013 protocols have been posted to the IR-4 website. Recently, a number of changes have occurred including updated rates and application instructions and new contact information. Click the link provided here to access the new documents. There you'll find the following ornamental horticulture program protocols:
13-001 Thrips Efficacy
13-002 Thrips Product Crop Safety
13-003/4 Scale Efficacy in Field Container/in Ground 
13-006 Foliar Beetle Efficacy (Flea Beetles)
13-007 Whitefly Efficacy
13-008 Bacterial Disease Efficacy
13-009 Pythium Efficacy
13-010/11 New Disease Products Crop Safety - Foliar/Soil Drench
13-014 Herbicide Crop Safety
13-015 Liverwort Product Crop Safety
13-016 Fusarium Efficacy
13-017 Botrytis Efficacy
13-018 Crop Safety for Boxwood Blight Fungicides
13-021 Rose Slug Sawfly (still in development)