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Help save ancient trees


Archangel Ancient Tree Archive is a non-profit organization that collects cuttings from ancient, iconic, and environmentally critical trees, propagates these cuttings, and replants identical copies of these trees to help reforest the Earth. Your support of our mission is more important than ever. We really need your help today.

Our old growth forests are under tremendous stress, and when the oldest and most iconic of these trees replanted around the globe in living archival libraries, the genetics from these important trees can be saved for future study. Archangel is focused on the trees that are the world's most important trees to clean our water and air, and that capture and store the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide to make the most progress in preventing the worst effects of global warming. We're working hard on this, but can't do it alone.

Our propagation & growing facility is located in Copemish, Michigan, a small town in Michigan's northern lower peninsula. The growing facility we're using is a converted 10,000 square foot windowless potato warehouse, built in 1968. Growing these trees, which have been collected from all over the world, requires certain conditions to maximize their growth including the correct amount of light, moisture, and proper temperature. We've created the ideal condition to grow these plants, but it comes at a great cost.

The climate control of the old potato warehouse takes a substantial amount of energy to operate. The lighting bill alone is $1,000 per month. Cooling the warehouse in the warm summers, and heating the warehouse in the frigid winters averages $1,100 per month. This $2,100 monthly bill is a major expense for our operation, and is money we could use in other, more productive areas including collection trips, propagation management, and horticultural expenses. Not to mention the benefit of reducing our carbon footprint that we are creating every month.

We have determined that by erecting a large greenhouse on our property and taking advantage of natural lighting and ventilation, we could save approximately $1,760 per month, or $21,150 per year in our heating, cooling, and lighting expenses.

We have the experience to properly control the climate in a new greenhouse. We have estimated the cost to prepare the site, run water and electric, purchase and install a 34' by 96' modular greenhouse structure and support system, to be $65,000.

Your support is the lifeblood of our mission. Your generous donation will help us to reduce our operating costs, will lower our carbon footprint, and most critically will directly benefit our mission. Thank you so much for your support.

In appreciation for your donation we are offering the following perks:
.        $10  Receive a shout out on our Facebook page for your support.
.        $25  Get listed on our website as a Greenhouse Supporter
.        $50  Receive an Archangel Logo coffee mug, and get listed on our website as a Greenhouse Supporter.
.        $100  Receive an Archangel "What Can I Do?" Poster, featuring the largest known living Coast Redwood tree and inspirational quote from R. Buckminster Fuller, and get listed on our website as a Greenhouse Supporter.
.        $500  Receive an Archangel Logo Tee Shirt, and get listed on our website as a Greenhouse Angel.
.        $1,500  Dedicate the planting of an Archangel Champion Tree. We handle the planting, you get the credit! And get listed on our website as a Greenhouse Archangel.
.        $5,000  Receive a clone of an Archangel ancient Giant Sequoia. (6 available)
.        $10,000  Receive a clone of an Archangel ancient Coast Redwood tree, propagated from a stump of one of the largest known Coast Redwood trees, left from a tree cut down over 100 years ago. (4 available)