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Looking for NutriSmart?


In the June issue of American Nurseryman, we ran a brief introduction to LidoChem's NutriSmart® - and it was accompanied by a link to an abbreviated website. For more specific information, read below - and click on the link here: http://www.performancefertilizers.com/category/product/nutrismart-patented-eco-fertilizer-humate-granules-easy-to-apply-dust-free/


The Performance Nutrition® Division of LidoChem Inc. offers NutriSmart® among its products for turf and ornamental managers. NutriSmart® is a patented, OMRI Certified environmentally friendly microbial fertilizer and soil amendment developed by CK Life Sciences Products Ltd. NutriSmart® is pan granulated and provides humate, humic acids, patented strains of microbes and microbial activators to the soil.
NutriSmart® microbes-with their proteins, enzymes and metabolites-enhance and improve soil fertility, bioactivity and subsequent nutrient use efficiency. This improves Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) of conventional chemical and organic fertilizers.

NutriSmart® is scientifically proven for phosphate solubilization, potassium decomposition and nitrogen fixation. It retains soluble fertilizers in the soil and reduces leaching while increasing moisture holding capacity. It increases root growth and plant uptake of nutrients. NutriSmart® can be blended with granular fertilizers at rates up to 50 percent, which means a pound-for-pound replacement of conventional and organic granular fertilizers-while maintaining its efficacy in the soil for up to five months. NutriSmart® doesn't have to be handled or stored differently than other granular products and doesn't need to be refrigerated.

Dr. Roger Webb, a retired forest pathologist with the University of Florida, tested NutriSmart® on a planting of pindo palm that was in evident distress following intensified cultural practices; herbicidal residue was suspected. "The positive results from NutriSmart® combined with slow-release fertilizer on poor-quality soils at my farm has been an exceptionally cost-efficient means of restoring palm growth while rehabilitating contaminated soil and improving soil microbial dynamics," Webb says.

"Additionally, the humate carrier in NutriSmart® adds much-needed organic matter to my sandy soils improving water retention and eliminating the need for drip irrigation. As a former University of Florida faculty member, I have been associated with forestry and ornamental horticulture for more than 30 years and have never witnessed such a dramatic improvement in plant quality provided by the NutriSmart®/fertilizer treatments on herbicide-contaminated soil."