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Summit merges with Nurseries Supplies


Summit Plastic Company and Nursery Supplies Inc., affiliated companies since 2006, announce an exciting merger designed to offer a more comprehensive, innovative assortment of their complimentary products and services.

Nursery Supplies Inc. (Nursery), long a leader in the nursery sector of the horticulture industry (tree, shrub,  foliage and woody ornamentals), offers a full product line from three distinct processes - blow and injection molded, and thermoformed containers ranging from trade gallon through 250+ gallons.  With an extensive list of innovative  solutions in square and round systems, Summit Plastic Company (Summit) offers customer-focused thermoformed packaging for growing, transporting and merchandising products in the color and perennial sectors.

"This is the beginning of an exciting merger that is well planned and will be carefully executed. Our goal is increased service and ease of doing business for our customers. On a day-to-day basis our customers and vendors will enjoy the same strong personal relationships we have always had," stated Norman Belliveau, President/CEO, Summit.
The combination makes the best use of the synergies between Nursery and Summit, and will service the North American market from the strategically located five Nursery and two Summit facilities, cross selling with our industry recognized sales forces.

"We are pleased to unite the strengths and best practices of Nursery and Summit to meet the demands of the marketplace delivering the best value for our direct and distributor customers.  We will improve our joint efforts by  leveraging our manufacturing and customer service operations, combining product lines and creating more depth in supporting national, regional and local branding programs," stated John Collins, Chief Executive Officer of the newly merged companies.

Nursery, founded in 1960, has a history of responding to customer needs.  Nursery introduced  Pot-in-Pot®,  Dec-Grow®- the Grow & Show pot; developed technology permitting the manufacture of Grip-Lip® containers;  introduced printing on large-format pots; and, created raw material "recipes" allowing greater use of recycled materials - part of the company's on-going green initiative.

Summit, with an extensive list of innovative solutions for the color and perennial side of the horticulture industry, was the first to introduce color DuoT containers across their entire product line.  A joint venture between Desch BV and Summit introduced the JanorPot® brand of thin-walled, round, thermoformed containers, the industry's largest offering of round pots. Summit also offers the eco360® line of bio options - rice, corn and wheat.