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Temporary Garden, Lasting Impression


It doesn't take a permanent installation to make a difference in a landscape company's image-or bottom line. When Plandscape Inc., a design/build firm based in Elburn, Ill., first transformed an intersection in Geveva, Ill., into a lush green space for the town's annual Arts Fair, attendees at the juried exhibition found a welcome retreat from the summer heat. Many also found inspiration for their own properties; Plandscape found new clients. 

In the February issue, you read about Plandscape's work ("A Living Work of Art," page 29), and we promised a bit more. Take a look at the way Jim Haugen and his crew create artistic spaces that art lovers have embraced as a part of the show.

As soon as the city of Geneva closes Third Street in preparation for the next day's annual Arts Fair, Plandscape crews move in to transform all four corners of an intersection into separate garden installations. (All photos courtesy of Plandscape Inc.)


Four-footed friends can enjoy a bit of refreshment at Plandscape's dog fountain, provided for fairgoers who bring along Rex and Scruffy for an afternoon of strolling among the juried art displays.

When Plandscape first provided seating as part of a corner garden, the crew discovered that visitors made good use of the amenity. Since then, the company has incorporated seating areas into the installations, making them a compelling stop for art lovers-and prospective clients.

All materials must be installated within a few hours the night before the two-day event-and all must be removed just as quickly on Sunday evening when the show ends. That includes all plants, mulch, hardscape materials, amenities and even pergolas.

A water feature provides a cooling effect in the summer heat, as well as the soft, soothing sound of a trickling stream.   

For more information on Plandscape Inc., visit www.plandscapeinc.com.