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Stan Brown celebrates 50 years at Alameda Wholesale


Alameda Wholesale Nursery is one of the oldest and largest wholesale nurseries in Colorado. It strives to offer more than 1,000 of the finest varieties of plant material and planting supplies to landscape contractors large and small. Alameda has been serving the nursery industry for more than 69 years and is located on over 30 sprawling and beautiful acres.

In the photo below, friends and tennis buddies Stan Brown (left) and Carl Anderson celebrate Stan's 50 years with Alameda Wholesale Nursery. 

Every fall, Alameda Wholesale Nursery has a customer appreciation barbecue. Last October, 500 customers came for brats and Mexican food. In conjunction with that, the staff also celebrated President Stan Brown's 50th anniversary at the nursery. They staff invited more than 30 of Stan's mentors, customers and friends that he has made over the years. In preparation for this, Stan got to thinking about all of the "things" we now take for granted that didn't exist 50 years ago. Stan, who created a display for the barbecue, says that without these things, "I don't know how we got anything done!"

Here's his top 10 list:
1. computers, cellphones, etc.
2. irrigation systems including clocks, heads, valves and drip
3. plastic pots
4. tree spades
5. wire baskets
6. nursery jaws
7. skid steers
8. potting soils
9. all the new varieties of plants
10. shade cloths
Stan asks, "What's on your list?"