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Midwest Groundcovers receives eco award


Midwest Groundcovers LLC is the recipient of the 2014 Illinois Invasive Species Awareness Month (ISAM) Business of the Year award for its leadership in developing the relationship between the green industry and conservation. Gary Knosher, Midwest Groundcovers President and CEO, was present to accept the award at the May 29, 2014, awards ceremony at the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) office in Springfield, IL.
"Midwest Groundcover's willingness to work hard to keep the dialogue on invasive species and the green industry open and productive is invaluable to Illinois," said Chris Evans, Illinois Wildlife Action Plan Invasive Species Campaign Coordinator.
In 2005, Midwest Groundcovers became a founding member of the Illinois Invasive Species Council (IISPC). The IISPC not only serves as an advisory board to the IDNR, but also works to minimize the adverse economic and ecological effects that invasive plants pose to the state of Illinois. In May of 2010, the IDNR started Invasive Species Awareness Month, a statewide campaign to educate people and increase the public's awareness and knowledge about invasive species-insects, plants, diseases, animals. In 2011, the ISAM team initiated an awards program to formally recognize and honor citizens and organizations, such as Midwest Groundcovers, for their outstanding contributions to the prevention, control, and management of invasive species in Illinois.
Since 2002, Midwest Groundcovers has partnered with leading Chicagoland research organizations and dialogued with conservation partners in order to assess invasive species and determine the appropriate courses of action.
"We are concerned about the health of our natural areas and the adverse environmental and financial consequences caused by invasive species," said Trish Beckjord, Midwest Groundcovers Native Plant Specialist. "But even plants labeled as 'potentially invasive' may still have appropriate garden applications. The key is to help our customers select the right plant for the right place, which ensures long-term planting success," Beckjord added.
Midwest Groundcovers continually invests in tools, resources, and solutions to help its customers consider appropriate plant choices and to educate consumers about the threat of invasive species. The company developed Midwest Solutions┬« and Garden ArtistryT to provide information on tried and true, attractive, vigorous, yet well-behaved plant combinations.  With Midwest's web-based Advanced Plant Search tool, customers can search the company's robust online plant database for site-suitable plants.
"It is our aim to educate the public through our conservation partners and website, and to make positive, proactive, responsible, and practical decisions regarding actions towards invasive species," said Christa Orum-Keller, Midwest Groundcovers Vice President and owner. "We want to be part of the conversation. We want to have an influence on what's best for the industry," Orum-Keller added.