American Nurseryman Magazine - Horticulture Magazine and Horticulture Books - April 2011


  • Controlling Summer Annual Weeds
    You have to know your enemy in order to vanquish it. A basic understanding of dormancy and germination can help you plan your attack on weeds in the field nursery.
    By James Altland
  • Creative Containers
    Create excitement for clients and customers with brilliant, easy-to-assemble and easy-to-sell container gardens.
    By Patti Nagai, Ph.D.
  • Propagate, Archive, Reforest
    Setting out to identify and save signifi cant trees worldwide is a big job. But there's a small non-profi t group that's up to the task, and their efforts can help the green industry as well as the environment.
    By Sally Benson
  • Greenhouse Goods
    The challenge of growing robust, saleable plants can be eased when you've got the right greenhouse.