American Nurseryman Magazine - Horticulture Magazine and Horticulture Books - March 2012


  • Sturdy Spiraea
    A bread and butter staple for gardeners nationwide is put to the test at Longwood Gardens. Of the 26 cultivars on trial, nine emerge as clear winners.
    By Joshua Willis and Dr. Tomasz Aniśko
  • Hole Digging Done Right
    A simple tool for a simple job? Yes, but there's more to operating an earth auger than meets the eye. Here are some helpful tips.
    By Dennis Von Ruden
  • Fertilizer Application Equipment
    The type of equipment you use to apply fertilizer depends on a lot of things-the plant, how it's planted, the weather-not to mention the type of fertilizer. For bareroot and container growers, the right choice can make the job a snap.
    By John W. Bartok Jr.
  • The Hybridization of Flemings Flower Fields
    A small company forever ahead of its time, Flemings Flower Fields is known for its hibiscus hybridization program. This little powerhouse-started by three brothers in Nebraska-has a rich history of horticultural research and pioneering.
    By Gretchen Zwetzig and Kerry Cooper