American Nurseryman Magazine - Horticulture Magazine and Horticulture Books - April 2012


  • Yum!
    Your customers and clients can have their gardens and eat them, too, with the addition of colorful, nutritious herbs and vegetables. No longer relegated to the utilitarian plot, edible plants proudly take their place in containers and perennial beds.
    By Sally Benson
  • Reduce Greenhouse Production Costs
    Dealing with the high cost of energy for greenhouse operations can be a challenge, but close attention to detail and a few practical changes can help keep those costs in check.
    By Joyce G. Latimer
  • Steam Treating for Weed Control
    Heritage Seedlings Inc. has managed its weed problem using low-tech solutions that save money, labor and Mother Earth.
    By Whitney Rideout
  • Propagating Sweet Fern
    Getting to the root-or rhizome-of Comptonia peregrina propagation will help make this splendid native selection a viable, commercial alternative to invasive landscape plants.
    By Jessica Lubell