American Nurseryman Magazine - Horticulture Magazine and Horticulture Books - October 2012


  • Seeds of Hope
    Military inmates grow a new start in a horticulture program designed to prepare them for rewarding work in the green industry.
    By Sgt. Christopher M. Gaylord
  • A Killer in Black and White
    With a proven ability to hitchhike across the globe, Asian longhorned beetle has been found in five U.S. states. Unlike its fellow pest, emerald ash borer, ALB is known to kill a wide range of trees. So how do we rid our trees of this menace?
    By Joe Boggs, Amy Stone and Dan Herms
  • The Best of Bulbs
    Creative combinations and innovative planting techniques make the most of your customers' and clients' spring flower displays.
    By Jennifer Brennan
  • Hustling Holidays
    With the holidays right around the corner, customers are looking for shopping experiences as well as goods to purchase. Here's how one company gives them both.
    By Sally Benson