American Nurseryman Magazine - Horticulture Magazine and Horticulture Books - March 2013


  • Colorful Callicarpa
    Beautyberry lives up to its name, bearing breathtaking clusters of jewel-toned fruit. But which is the best selection? Trials at Longwood Gardens show what the shrub's varieties have to offer.
    By Elisabeth Hall and Dr. Tomasz Anis'ko
  • Planning to Plant?
    Large job or small, you need the right equipment to make planting easier.
  • Powering Up
    Utilizing solar and wind energy can help balance the costs of production in your greenhouse facilities.
    By A.J. Both and Tom Manning
  • Stewards of Sustainability
    Bohn's Farm and Greenhouses Inc. has successfully used sustainable plant production practices throughout its history-first as a vegetable grower and now as a wholesale grower of hardy herbaceous perennials.
    By Jason Bramwell