American Nurseryman Magazine - Horticulture Magazine and Horticulture Books - April 2013


  • Add a Little Character to Your Garden Center
    An entertaining and educational marketing program and product teaches children how to grow their own vegetables-and provides unique sales opportunities for garden centers.
    By Jenny Hooks
  • Containing Weeds
    An OSU associate professor and weed specialist offers a silver linings playbook to help you control invaders in your container production.
    By Hannah Mathers
  • Efficient Greenhouse Design
    Whether you're building a new facility or retrofitting an older structure, energy efficiency should be your No. 1 goal.
    By Victor Encinias


  • Nursery Insight: Make up your mind
    When it comes to your ability to react, are you a tugboat that doesn't do anything until prodded, a speedboat that reacts quickly, or a steamship that takes forever to come around?
    By Maria Zampini