American Nurseryman Magazine - Horticulture Magazine and Horticulture Books - October 2013


  • Spreading the Wealth
    If your clients have the property and the patience, there's an appealing selection of bulbs that reseed and create "naturalized" landscapes without the risk of invading the neighbors' lawns.
    By Sally Benson with Becky Heath
  • Perfectly Natural
    It's the coolest landscape company ever, and under the direction of secondgeneration president Seneca Hull, this Boise-based firm is growing and creating havens across the Gem State.
    By Sally Benson
  • Evaluating Zeolite in an Extensive Green Roof Substrate
    Research in Colorado shows that the addition of zeolite to green roof substrates may produce mixed results, which can be improved by adjusting blend rates and watering schedules, and by selecting the appropriate plants for the site.
    By Jennifer M. Bousselot, James E. Klett and Ronda D. Koski