American Nurseryman Magazine - Horticulture Magazine and Horticulture Books - February 2014


  • Captivating Corylopsis
    Winter-hazels comprise a group of underappreciated but versatile blooming shrubs. Trials at Longwood Gardens highlight selections worthy of receiving more attention from growers and landscape professionals alike.
    By Evan Bean and Dr. Tomasz AnisĀ“ko
  • The Great Container Debate
    How do roots fare in production containers? Growth in traditional black plastic pots was compared to that in two fabric-type containers in research at Colorado State University.
    By Alison O'Connor
  • Nurseryscaping for Pest Control
    Providing a friendly environment for beneficial predators can also provide protection for your valuable crop. Benefits include a reduction on the reliance of chemicals, enhanced worker safety and increased plant quality.
    By Robin Rosetta
  • A Living Work of Art
    A temporary installation proves to be an effective marketing tool for a landscape company, capturing contracts and showing there's art in what they do.
    By Sally Benson