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Echinacea 'Rosita'

'Rosita', a new dwarf coneflower from Terra Nova Nurseries, stands at only 14 inches tall with a 16-inch flower scape. Soft pink, fragrant flowers with a showy center cone bloom from July through October in full sun; the plant is drought-resistant, deer-resistant and performs well in zones 4 to 9. For more information:

Penhow Diascia 'Aurora' Series

The Penhow Diascia 'Aurora' series has a unique upright habit with branched, pyramidal flower spikes. This unusual flower form allows Aurora to have more flower power and be at least two weeks longer-flowering than other Diascia varieties. Aurora's upright habit brings the opportunity for tighter spacing in production, transportation and retail display, and the potential for cost savings that this would allow. In addition, the well-matched series has a good range of strong, bright colors for an outstanding retail display. 'Aurora Apricot' is pictured here.

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Discus tablets

New Discus tablets from OHP deliver imidacloprid to the root zone in a unique way: Simply insert the prescribed number of tablets into the root zone of established plants, when shifting up or at planting, and the tablet will begin to break down. When it does, imidacloprid is taken up systematically and translocated through the plant; a starter 12-9-4 fertilizer charge aids in the uptake. The tablets can be used on ornamentals grown in greenhouses, and in field and container nurseries, and may provide up to two years of control on production ornamentals for long-term sucking insect control.

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Orvego fungicide

New from BASF: Orvego fungicide contains a unique combination chemistry that combats all major downy mildews and Phytophthora species during the infectious stages, allowing growers to control targeted plant diseases within seconds of treatment. Orvego fungicide fights pathogens with a combination of dimethomorph, the active ingredient in Stature® SC fungicide, and ametoctradin, a new active ingredient. The product has shown no fungicide cross-resistance.

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rEarth pots

McConkey Co. introduces rEarth production containers, a new line of 100 percent recycled pots made from water bottles (rPET). rEarth containers are sturdy, tear-resistant and comparable or superior to other plastics in strength, performance and price. Each is stamped with a Recycled Water Bottles stamp so consumers know the container is rEarth recycled and recyclable.

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Rockaway for soil prep

Get the rocks out with Rockaway, an affordable attachment that turns rough, rocky ground into a finely groomed seedbed. A single, rugged rotor studded with durable mining teeth arranged in a spiral pattern separates rock from soil, while the implement pushes small amounts of dirt when it's moving forward. It can be installed on skid steers or compact tractors with a hydraulic system capacity of 6 gpm or more. Four widths are available, designed to accommodate 60- to 83.5-inch buckets.

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Mini photosynthesis meter

EARS Plant Photosynthesis Monitoring has launched the miniPPM, a handy and affordable photosynthesis meter suitable for growers and extension personnel. Measurement is based on chlorophyll fluorescence, a very weak optical signal emitted by the plant. Although invisible, it is picked up by the instrument and accurately measured, providing data on plant condition and growth.

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