American Nurseryman Magazine - Horticulture Magazine and Horticulture Books - November 2014


  • Why Bulbs?
    Often overlooked in landscape plans and on retail shelves, bulbs offer benefits unparalleled by other plants. Why bulbs? The question should be: Why not?
    By Sally Benson
  • Growing the Urban Landscape Market
    Growers looking for a way to make a difference-and to make a profit-can turn to the emerging field of green infrastructure.
    By Shannon Currey and Debbie Hamrick
  • How Destructive is Stink Bug?
    The prolific brown marmorated stink bug appears in dense populations, but what do we know of its economic threat to ornamental plants? According to research, it appears its stink may be worse than its bite.
    By Stanton Gill, Brian Kunkel, Karen Rane, Deborah Smith-Fiola and Suzanne Klick
  • Winter Events Preview
    We're not expecting another Polar Vortex this year; which means there's no excuse for missing these events!