The days go so fast, it seems the months even faster. And before you know it, we’re getting ready to produce our annual New Plant Introductions issue. Each year at this time – for how long now? – we ask you to share with the industry the best of your new selections for the upcoming season. Seasoned plantspeople, you know the drill. New to the game? Then take a look below to view the kind of information we ask you to submit.

  1. Plant name (botanical and common)
  2. Trademark name / patent number (if applicable)
  3. Introduced by (company name, location)
  4. USDA hardiness zone (AHS heat tolerance zone, if available)
  5. Ornamental features (in 25 words or less, please)
  6. Habit and growth rate (include mature height and width)
  7. Culture (light, soil, moisture)
  8. Pest/disease problems or unique resistance
  9. Availability (liners? bare root? B&B? containers?)
  10. For more information (contact name and e-mail)

Plus! A hi-res jpg of your fabulous plant!

Please make sure the plant you submit is legitimately yours to introduce. If it’s new to the market and you’re responsible for its introduction, it’s legit. If it’s been on the market and you’ve just recently added it to your catalog, it doesn’t really count as a New Plant. Is it a co-introduction? Not a problem: Just let us know the names involved and we’ll make sure we give credit where credit is due.

This year we’re dispensing with paper submission forms – it’s all about the trees, you know – but you’ll find our form online. Visit to download it. Plus, I’ll be personally reminding all the contributors from past issues.

The deadline for all materials is Friday, October 23. But mark your calendars, please. We want to make sure your exceptional new plants are given the attention they deserve!

Cover Stock photo © Ford_Prefect_42