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darwin perennials 2018 new plants

New Plants 2018: Darwin Perennials

About Darwin Perennials: “Darwin Perennials is devoted to your success in the ever-expanding perennial market. Backed by unbeatable service from Ball Horticultural Company, Darwin Perennials’ superior …

concept plants new plants 2018

New Plants 2018: Concept Plants

About Concept Plants: “Over 250 new plant varieties from 150 different breeders are under royalty management of Concept Plants®. Concept Plants® represents proud breeders and their new …

bailey nurseries new plants 2018

New Plants 2018: Bailey Nurseries

About Bailey Nurseries: “Bailey Nurseries is a fourth-generation family-owned nursery serving customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. We are widely recognized as one of the United …

tar spot maple
Plant Health

Controlling Tar Spot On Maple

It may be unattractive, but tar spot on maple will not cause systemic health problems. If the level of infection is not tolerable, then treatment may be attempted. But the best control is sanitation.