Digging and transporting trees can be a delicate operation, but with the right equipment that’s designed to cut, lift and carry with ease, the job can be accomplished safely and efficiently.


For digging and lifting smaller plants such as Buxus, Taxus, whips and liners or young conifers, the KLR-300 ST from Damcon can be maneuvered in close quarters. It is available with or without an undercutting blade, and is capable of producing root ball diameters ranging from 8 to 16 inches.

Designed to attach to a mini skid steer or digger.



For those truly big jobs, Dutchman Industries Inc. offers a range of truck spades in sizes from 60 to 100 inches. The curved blade designs feature shorter towers that allow the operator to reduce cycle time by traveling with the blades up, eliminating the open-close cycle. A locking lift mast prevents blades from shifting during transport.

The circular frame provides more clearance around the tree, and the larger opening accommodates difficult-to-dig trees such as those that are low-branched or multistemmed.

Dutchman’s 100-inch curved-blade truck mount can dig up to 12-inch trees, and requires mounting on a tandem-axle truck with 20,000 front and 46,000 rears.



The forks of Dutchman Industries’ Pallet Paws™ lay fl at to fi t neatly under pallets or to align with and grip large containers and root balls, but greater flexibility is provided by hinges that allow the operator to rotate the forks to an appropriate angle depending on the type of load. Plus, heavy-duty, double-cylinder action moves the forks inward and outward to help secure whatever is being transported.

For those heavy jobs, Pallet Paws can lift and carry B&B trees up to 60 inches; 48-inch boxes; 65-gallon grow bags and 95-gallon plastic containers. Heavy boulders, up to 5,000 pounds, also can be handled.

Forks come in 72-inch and 80-inch lengths; fork angle ranges from zero to 90 degrees and adjusts automatically when grasping an object. Forks spread from 14.5 inches to 41 inches.



Spartan Equipment’s tree spade attachment and transplanter turns a skid steer into a transplanting unit, allowing the operator to dig and transplant without having to leave the loader. The spade’s short frame reduces the need for stabilizers, and fingertip controls are integrated into the loader handles.

Capable of cutting a 40-inch root ball, the four, fully truncated and removable steel blades cut to a depth of 30 inches. A wide opening allows access to 4-inch-diameter evergreens and 3-inch hardwood trees.

Bottom width and length of the attachment are 66 inches and 58 inches, respectively; top width and length are 84 inches.