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small shade trees

6 Shade Trees For Small Properties

In gardens with limited space, shade trees need not be towering giants in order to provide welcome cooling and shelter. There are many smaller selections that serve today’s smaller footprint.

extinct animals shaped honeylocusts

How Honeylocusts Were Shaped By Extinct Animals

Can’t we all just get along? Way back when, plants and animals coevolved; one to feed the other, and the other to “distribute” the first. Although many of the large animals that helped to disperse seed and continue the development of trees are gone, those trees remain. And so do their ecological anachronisms.

idesia polycarpa

Guide to Idesia polycarpa

Idesia is a medium-sized deciduous tree with soft leathery leaves that have a slightly silvery underside, characteristic of many plants and trees in the Salicaceae (willow family), to which it belongs.

rocky mountain perennials

Top Six Rocky Mountain Perennials

After three seasons growing in the challenging conditions of the Rocky Mountains, six perennial plants have been named “Top Performers” by researchers at Colorado State University.