Rain or shine, be prepared with the right equipment to keep those plants wellwatered.

From the tiniest components to the heftiest of pumps, irrigation equipment must be efficient, effective and ready for work whenever you need it. If you grow plants or maintain them, you count on that equipment to deliver the right amount of moisture in just the right manner. Check out what’s available for your needs.

Graphic courtesy of U.S. Drought Monitor

Move clean, uncontaminated water easily with a high pressure pump fromHonda.

Courtesy of Honda Power Equipment

High-pressure pumps

Chances are you need some power behind your water distribution, whether it’s for irrigation purposes or for filling – or draining – that fabulous pool you designed and installed. Honda Power Equipment can help: The company offers the WH15XK1C1 and WH20XK1AC1 pumps, both of which produce high pressure with a lower flow. Typical applications for the general-purpose pump series include irrigation for landscape or growing operations, light landscape construction and pool or pond drainage. Equipped with quiet, four-stroke engines, both pumps boast low decibel levels – nice for both contractor and client.

Discharge capacity for the WH15 is 115 gallons per minute (gpm); for the WH20, it’s 134 gpm. Maximum pressures are 55 psi and 61 psi, respectively. A direct drive system is featured on both; impellers are made of cast iron and the mechanical seal/pump case is carbon/ceramic.

Priming time is quick: 40 seconds at 16.4 feet for the WH15 and 60 seconds at 16.4 feet for the WH20. Total head lift is 127 feet and 141 feet; suction head lift is 26 feet for both models.

They’re pretty portable, too. The WH15’s dry weight is 48.5 pounds, while the WH20 weighs in at 51.8 pounds.

For more information, visit www.hondapowerequipment.com.

Access hanging baskets with little wasteusing Dramm’s narrow water breaker.

Courtesy of Dramm Corp.

Narrow water breaker

The 1000PL-N Green Narrow Soft Flow Water Breaker® is the perfect nozzle for direct, soft watering in the greenhouse or nursery. It is great for edge watering, containers and for earlier stages of growth.

The 1000PL-N is also good for watering baskets automatically. When used in place of the standard 170 Water Breaker® that is common on Echo® Hanging Basket Systems, it is a softer alternative. The focused pattern ensures water gets through the canopy, while the soft flow will not disturb the media in the container. While focused, the pattern is wider than that of a 170, providing water to the whole basket, not just one section.

For more information, visit www.dramm.com.

Connect with your controllers from up to two milesaway with Hunter’s Roam XL.

Courtesy of Hunter Industries

Long distance remote

If you manage a large property, you know what a challenge it is to maintain contact with multiple irrigation controllers. But Hunter just may have the solution with its Roam XL, a long-distance remote designed to let professionals communicate with multiple controllers from up to two miles away.

According to Hunter product manager John Wascher, “The Roam XL is Hunter’s most robust remote offering to date. It is basically a powerhouse in a small package. It eliminates the need to physically visit the controller to start or stop a cycle during maintenance, installation or winterization, which greatly enhances the efficiency of site crews.”

It features a simple user interface with 128 different programmable addresses, and is sturdier and more water resistant than past models. Its signal is strong enough to go through buildings and still communicate with a controller over a half-mile away. With nothing in its path, it can function up to two miles from the controller. The compact, high-powered remote is a single unit that can be carried from job to job and used to remotely access any Hunter controller that has a SmartPort connector. This eliminates the need to visit each controller to stop – or start – a cycle.

Programmable run times range from 1 to 90 minutes, and the unit allows you to run a manual watering cycle without modifying the regular program.

For more information, visit www.hunterindustries.com/roamxl.

Deliver water in a consist, uniform pattern with Senninger’s Inverted Micro-Sprinkler.

Courtesy of Senninger Irrigation Inc.

Inverted micro-sprinkler

Designed specifically for greenhouses and hoop houses, the Inverted Micro-Sprinkler from Senninger delivers outstanding water distribution, with exceptional uniformity even in single-row installations.

Delivering gentle droplets in a consistent, uniform pattern, the Inverted Micro-Sprinkler features Senninger’s well-known color-coded nozzle size identification, incorporating the nozzle and base in one unit. Multiple connection options make it easy to retrofit existing systems.

“The Inverted Micro-Sprinkler gives growers a better option for efficient irrigation in greenhouses and hoop houses. Its bridgeless design helps minimize drippage, while the engineering-grade UV-resistant thermoplastic construction helps assure reliability and durability,” says Carlos Diaz, regional manager for Senninger.

The product design allows for convenient disassembly for field maintenance, as well as replacement of individual parts. As always, Senninger offers a two-year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance.

For convenience and ease of use, Senninger offers various drop adapter assemblies that can be used with the Inverted Micro-Sprinkler for a variety of installations.

For more information, visit www.senninger.com.

Automatic watering is made easy with dribble tubesfrom Dramm.

Courtesy of Dramm Corp.

Dribble tubes

Dribble Tubes from Dramm Corp. provide a simple way to water plants automatically by dripping water into each pot directly. Flow rate is controlled by the diameter and length of the tube. Three diameters of tubing are available: 0.045 inch, 0.060 inch and 0.075 inch interior diameter. Each diameter comes in lengths from 12 inches to 60 inches standard. Eyelets for both outer diameters are available for a secure connection.

Dramm’s SlimWeight slips easily from the pot during harvesting and does not get caught in expanded metal benching. Unlike other weights, the SlimWeight is made from a zinc-aluminum alloy, not lead.

For more information, visit www.dramm.com.