Micro-irrigation spray stake

The Spot-Spitter spray stake from Primerus Products is the simple and foolproofway to save water while irrigating large nursery containers from 1-gallonpots to 48-inch boxes. According to Jack Butler, Primerus president, “Growersconverting from overhead sprinklers to Spitters regularly see water savings up to70 percent along with dramatic reductions in diseases caused by wetted foliage.In areas where water use is not an important factor, growers are attracted bysavings in pumping cost due to reductions in both pressure and flow. The economicsof switching from hand-watering to Spitters are even more compellingthan overhead when the cost of labor is given its full consideration.”

For more information: http://www.PrimerusProducts.com

Repeat-blooming azaleas

The Gardener’s Confidence Collectionfrom McCorkle Nurseries offers a newseries of repeat-blooming azaleas, carefullyselected for their multiseason bloomand exceptional cold hardiness. Bloom ‘NAgain azaleas establish quickly, especiallyif planted in fall, and are ideal for shrubborders or in naturalized areas. Pink Explosionis pictured here.

For more information: http://www.GardenersConfidence.com

Fungicide for ornamentals

Now registered in 49 states, StrikeÇPlus fungicide from OHP Inc. is a WDGformulation that contains two active ingredientsfor dual modes of action, givingmore broad-spectrum control of troublesomefoliar diseases. Strike Plus can beused both inside and outside as a preventiveor curative; users simply adjust therate accordingly. The product contains triadimefon,the active ingredient in StrikeÇ50 WDG fungicide, plus trifloxystrobin,the active ingredient in CompassÇ fungicide.With the combination of a sterolinhibitor (triadimefon) and a strobilurin(trifloxystrobin), Strike Plus providescomprehensive control of many diseasesincluding powdery mildew, rusts, anthracnose,leaf spots, botrytis, boxwoodblight and others.

For more information: http://www.ohp.com/Products/strike_plus.php

‘Zorro’ hydrangea

Hydrangea ‘Zorro’ from PlantHaven is a rounded, bushy, deciduous shrub with broadly ovate, toothed, veined, dark green leaves and, from summer into autumn, dark purple-brown stems bearing large, lace-cap heads of flowers, deep blue in acid soil, pink in alkaline conditions. Flowers are held on dark stems that contrast well with the mid-green foliage. Looks great in a mixed border.

For more information: http://www.planthaven.com

Premixed, 2-cycle engine fuel

PowerFuel from ECHO is a blend of ethanol-free, premium 93-octane gasoline and ECHO Red Armor OilT and comes pre-mixed at a 50:1 ratio; it’s specially formulated to aid engine break-in and extend the life of 2-cycle power equipment engines. Red Armor oil contains powerful detergents that remove carbon deposits and protect against future buildups without losing lubrication or film strength. Red Armor oil also stabilizes fresh fuel for up to two years. PowerFuel is ready to use right out of the can with no measuring or mixing needed.

For more information: http://www.echo-usa.com/PowerFuel

Multifunction hose-end nozzle

Underhill offers Turbo Shift, a multifunction, dual-variable flow hose-end nozzle that delivers light fog and low-volume jet stream patterns before shifting to high-gear, high-volume outputs. It is designed for use in greenhouses and nurseries and can facilitate wash-downs and equipment clean-ups. Turbo Shift is offered with either pistol or firefighter grips. A Low Flow model opens with 7 to 12 gpm and turbo shifts from 14 to 17 gpm; the High Flow model opens with 12 to 17 gpm and turbo shifts from 20 to 43 gpm; the Super High Flow model performs from 34 to 104 gpm. All flow rates are based on 80 psi.

For more information:http://www.Underhill.TurboShift.asp

Broad-spectrum algaecide/fungicide

From BioSafe Systems: Broad-spectrum granular algaecide/bactericide GreenCleanPRO is fast acting and destroys algae buildup on hard surfaces. It quickly biodegrades, making it safe to use during production and around plants. GreenCleanPRO is also labeled for algae treatment in irrigation ponds.

For more information: http://www.biosafesystems.com/Product-HORT-GCPRO.asp

Jonathan Bardzik’s Simple Summer cookbook

Perfect for the garden center bookshelf or for client gifts: Jonathan Bardzik, ANLA’sdirector of marketing and industry relations, has just released his first cookbook,Simple Summer: A Recipe for Cooking and Entertaining with Ease. Bardzik’s a geniusat creating tempting-and satisfying-dishes with fresh ingredients that look just asgood as they taste. For a few years now, he’s been demonstrating his original recipes atWashington, D.C’.s historic Eastern Market, and he’s gleaned 40 of them for the book.It’s illustrated with gorgeous photos of each finished dish, guaranteed to make youstart a new shopping list. You won’t be able to resist!

For more information: http://www.jonathanbardzik.com

EmpressT IntrinsicT fungicide

EmpressT IntrinsicT fungicideBASF has launched EmpressT IntrinsicT brand fungicide, a drench productfor soilborne diseases with added plant health benefits. Empress Intrinsic brandfungicide, with the active ingredient pyraclostrobin, provides protection againstfour root and crown disease pathogens-fusarium, phytophthora, pythium andrhizoctonia. Additionally, research shows Intrinsic brand fungicides controldisease and give plants resilience to stresses that can occur duringproduction. Labeled use sites include greenhouses, lathhouses andshadehouses, interiorscapes, outdoor nurseries (field and container)and retail nurseries.

For more information: www.IntrinsicPlantHealth.com

SiestaT Insecticide for fire ants

BASF has introduced SiestaT Insecticide Fire Ant Bait with the proprietary active ingredientmetaflumizone that delivers fast and long -lasting control of native and importedfire ants. Metaflumizone is formulated on corn grit along with soybean oil, a provenattractant bait for native and imported fire ants. For optimal results, the product shouldbe applied as a broadcast treatment so foraging ants and hidden or unnoticed moundsreceive coverage. The product is labeled for use on golf courses, residential turfgrass andornamental landscapes, production field and container nurseries, commercial and industrialareas, and recreational areas. For a full listing of use sites, consult the product label.

For more information: http://www.BetterTurf.basf.us

Premixed fuels

TruSouth Oil offers TruFuel, premixed, engineered fuels for two- and four-strokesmall displacement engines. Engineered with premium, high-octane, ethanol-free fueland mixed with the highest quality synthetic oil, TruFuel dramatically increases reliabilityand performance in both types of engines. Because it is ethanol free, the product preventsthe corrosion and buildup issues that plague users of pump gas for their fuel or premix,ensuring peak performance, and protecting your investment in power equipment.

For more information: http://www.trufuel50.com

Slip-on overshoe

The ShoeIn, available from the Weinbrenner Shoe Co.,is a patented, lightweight slip-on overshoe that can easily beput on or taken off without bending over. It is designed forindoor or outdoor use, with a variety of configurations available:open-toe, closed-toe, studded (Ice-Ts) for ice tractionand steel-toe for temporary toe protection. Each style offersdifferent amounts of traction and protection. The patentedgripper teeth design provides hands-free use. The moldedEVA overshoes fit either foot and most shoes and boots upto size 16.

For more information: http://www.weinbrennerusa.com