‘Rekohu Sunrise’ carex

Carex trifida ‘Rekohu Sunrise’ from PlantHaven is native to New Zealand and named after the Chatham Islands known locally as Rekohu. This tender Carex is the first variegated form of the species. Wide green leaves have a striking, creamy gold, banded variegation. A glaucous bloom develops on the underside of the foliage. The arching leaves give a weeping look that is unsurpassed trailing over rocks, walls or the edge of a container. The plant grows upright, takes sun or partial shade, and is short, stout and sturdy.

Hand-held pollinator

The VegiBee garden pollinator from Hort Americas lets you perform a bee’s work with a hand-held, battery-powered tool. The tool is designed to imitate the high frequency vibrations made by a bee’s wings during pollination. They create sonic vibrations that gently release pollen from the flower onto a specially designed collection spoon. In a matter of seconds, enough pollen is collected to pollinate four to five flowers by dipping the flower stigma into the collected pollen on the same plant.

Two pollinator models are available. The five-speed, rechargeable, UL-certified VegiBee Garden Pollinator (VBP-01) includes a recharging base, short and long wands and pollen spoon. The VegiBee Express (VBP-02) is battery-powered and comes with a single-speed pollinator, long wand, pollen spoon and a base unit.

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Outdoor fabrics

Spring is just around the corner, and your customers will want to make the most of it with Leisurely Living fabrics from Phifer. Phifer’s Designed Fabrics – plush, 100 percent recyclable GeoBella® Cushion Fabrics and sleek, sling Phifertex® Outdoor Fabrics – are the perfect choice for creating furniture that feels as welcoming as it looks. The GeoBella line is a vast grouping of outdoor fabrics made of 100 percent olefin yarns recycled from post-industrial waste. One hundred percent recyclable, these fabrics feature a soft, touchable texture that recreates the comfort of indoor furniture yet has the stability, strength and durability needed for outdoor cushion applications. The high-end Phifertex performance fabrics are ideal for sling applications and can be used in awning, umbrella, pillow and new and unusual exterior fabric applications.

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