Summer’s fading, fall’s approaching and winter soon will be here. No, I’m not dreaming of snowfalls (much), and I’m not nearly ready to think about holiday shopping. But I am preparing for our annual New Plant Introductions issue, and I hope you are, too.

Each year, American Nurseryman devotes the entire December issue to plant introductions from growers and breeders across the country – as long as the plant truly is new to the U.S. commercial trade, we’re happy to highlight it.

And once again, we’ll be partnering with the National Green Centre to present “Plant Fashion,” a live, runway event staged on the trade show floor. That’s right: Live models strut the catwalk bearing 50 of the finest new plants to hit the market. The energy’s electric, and the enthusiasm for new plants is palpable.

But back to the issue: We want to help you promote your new plants and make this the best introductions issue ever. Just select the best of your new plants, fill in the information on our handy submission form, attach a high-res photo, and send it in. It’s easy, and, as always, it’s free.

A little further down the page, you’ll find a link to the form, but in a nutshell, here’s the information we’re looking for:

1.Plant name (botanical and common)

2. Trademark name / patent number (if applicable)

3. Introduced by (company name, location)

4. USDA hardiness zone (AHS heat tolerance zone, if available)

5. Ornamental features

6. Habit and growth rate (include mature height and width)

7. Culture (light, soil, moisture)

8. Pest/disease problems or unique resistance

9. Royalties

10. Availability: Liners? Bare root? B&B? Containers?

11. For more information (contact name, e-mail)

Plus! A hi-res jpg of your fabulous plant!

Here’s a handy link to the form, which you can download, copy and fill with information that’ll make your 2013 introduction really stand out.

The deadline for submissions is October 31. That may sound like a long way off, but don’t delay! And don’t miss this opportunity to promote your fabulous new plants!