Big or little, what really counts when you’re looking for a reliable machine is versatility, ease of use and the ability to get the job done.

When we talk about heavy-duty equipment, we’re not talking about monster trucks and Sherman tanks. What we’re really concerned with is the everyday piece of machinery or attachment that’s bigger than a mower and smaller than a semi. It’s that reliable, go-to, versatile machine that sees a lot of action and gets the job done—over and over and over again. Size is not as important as stamina. We’re talking about duty.

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Grab it

The Grabber™ from ProLine—which attaches to your skid steer—is designed to make lifting and moving easy. It’s ideal for high-density container growers, especially when container rows are packed for production. Tight rows and spaces as narrow as the skidsteer are easily navigated, and because the Grabber attachment does not require the operator to turn the vehicle, pick-up is as easy as pressing a button. This will activate the Grabber’s hydraulic system, enabling it to rotate 90degrees from the direction your machine is traveling. Once the pot is picked up, just move the Grabber back to the travel position and head for the truck.

There’s also a GrabberMini™ that attaches to mini-walk-behind machines,including those manufactured by Dingo, Ditchwitch, Ramrod, Thomas and Vermeer.

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Blow it

Need help with medium to large mulch jobs? The B70 Straw Blower from Finn eliminates the time-consuming job of hand-mulching large areas and provides uniform coverage.

The machine shreds and blows up to 6 to 7 tons of straw per hour through a discharge spout that’s equipped with a tension device that offers the convenience of one-handed operation. The discharge head can turn 360 degrees with a 70-degree vertical travel.

The B70’s feed tray is both height and length-adjustable, giving the operator more options for positioning when you’re feeding the machine from a vehicle. This also saves wear and tear on operators—less lifting to feed from overhead.

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Dig it

The SR-2 bed lifter from Egedal (previously SRX; available from Timm Enterprises) is a real workhorse in the field. With 40-inch-long tines and a maximum digging depth of 14 inches, this lifter helps to dig soil-free, long and healthy roots, leaving plants ready for grading without additional cleaning. The shaking system shakes the plants, not the tractor—or the operator.

It’s strong, simple and safe to use, and works even in wet conditions. Plus,it can be custom manufactured to your specifications.

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Tie it

The Rasspe nursery stock tying machine (available from Timm Enterprises) can be used indoors or out. A 110-voltelectric motor and wheels make the machine easy to maneuver inside; a three-point hitch linkage and PTO power provide convenience in the field.

It’s equipped with a compression device for making tight bundles and can handle bundles from 1-1/4 inches up to 16 inches.

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Do it all

MultiOne-CSF has built a multifunctional compact miniloader designed for versatility. With 170 available attachments, the solution to your job challenges is at hand in a few seconds. Ranging from a high-volume bucket to a grass clipping bar, from a stump grinder to a grader and from a tree clamp to a tree transplanter—and everything in between—there’s an attachment that will get your job done.

The GT 950 features a double-H telescopic and self-leveling boom that has special antifriction pads to ensure durability and decrease the need for maintenance; assure excellent front visibility; and is ideal for lifting heavy loads because the operator is not required to continuously correct the load’s position with the joystick.

A quick multiconnector coupling system provides ease of front attachment-hydraulic lines are securely connected within a few seconds.

Maximum maneuverability is achieved with the sturdy, articulated frame with a central joint, making the GT 970 an excellent choice when working on slopes or rough terrain. Four-wheel drive and a self-locking differential further assure stability.

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