Well, we’re a little late this year in issuing this urgent plea, but here goes: Our December New Plant Introductions Issue is approaching fast and we don’t want you to miss out on this incredible opportunity. Maybe I should have added an exclamation point there – it’s an incredible opportunity!

The December issue showcases nothing but new plants, and they’re the hottest on the market. Or the hottest plants being introduced to the market in 2012. Or, for that matter, the hottest new plants since we last published this annual issue. No matter; they’re new, they’re exciting and your introduction should be featured among them.

If you’d like your plant to be part of the American Nurseryman New Plant Introductions issue – and who wouldn’t? – make sure you submit your entry by October 31. The information we need is listed below, but you can download an easy-to-use form by going to www.amerinursery.com. Just click on the magic pop-up.

Wait! There’s more! We’re also planning a special section to highlight the plants slated to be featured in the Sweet Melissa Fashion Show at the National Green Centre in Kansas City in January. If you missed last year’s event, you can catch some of the fun on YouTube, but there’s nothing like seeing your plant live on the runway. That’s right: models strut your stuff during a live runway show.

If you’d like your plant to be part of the fashion show, be sure to contact National Green Centre at http://www.nationalgreencentre.org/2012_FashionShow.vp.html.

Just to be clear, we’re partnering again this year with the National Green Centre to present the fashion show, and we’re planning a special section in our magazine to help promote those fabulous new plants. But we still need you to submit your plants – separately – for the December New Plant Introductions issue. As always, your submission to American Nurseryman is free.

Here’s the info we need:

1. Plant name (botanical and common)

2. Trademark name / patent number (if applicable)

3. Introduced by (company name, location)

4. USDA hardiness zone (AHS heat tolerance zone, if available)

5. Ornamental features

6. Habit and growth rate (include mature height and width)

7. Culture (light, soil, moisture)

8. Pest/disease problems or unique resistance

9. Royalties

10. Availability: Liners? Bare root? B&B? Containers?

11. For more information (contact name, e-mail)

Plus: A hi-res jpg of your fabulous plant!

Don’t forget: Your deadline is October 31. Show us what you’ve got!