Grown in the greenhouse, container or in the field, your plants rely on supplemental moisture to thrive. How you deliver it relies on the right equipment.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. It’s good advice for any situation, but these days it’s especially apt when much of the country is threatened by drought, entering drought or struggling to survive ongoing, historic drought.

With water supplies scarce and increasingly subject to restriction, sound water management is called for. And sound water management calls for the best delivery system.

PC spray stakes

Netafim’s PC-for pressure compensating-spray stakes are designed with a check valve for improved control of both water and fertilizer applications. The improved spray pattern wets the soil surface while decreasing misting and wind drift; the PC Spray Stake pattern angles downward to target the spray to the soil and prevent wasted water outside the container. This provides maximum water retention by the soil mix, giving each plant exactly what it needs. An additional benefit of the excellent wetting pattern is the uniform activation of top-dressed fertilizers. The result is superior plant growth and more efficient use of water resources.

Pick the spray pattern that is right for your plants. The single spray pattern spray stake can be placed near the edge of the pot. The double spray pattern spray stake is useful for optimized wetting in very coarse mixes or large pots. It also allows positioning of the spray stake near the stem of the plant, which can minimize wetting of the base of the stem.

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Soil moisture sensor

The Watermark Electronic Module from Irrometer Company is designed to automate your irrigation controller so that water is applied only when necessary. It can override the entire controller, or manage a single valve or a group of valves. Remote valve locations or challenging areas can be controlled with the module mounted in the valve box. Multiple valves with similar scheduling needs also can be grouped and managed together. Eleven moisture levels allow you to customize your coverage; you can set to irrigate based on plants’ varying moisture requirements as well as different soil types.

The unit comes with two soil moisture sensors, intended to be placed at different levels in the root zone.

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Hand tight nozzles

New from Senninger, hand tight nozzles will now come standard with all orders of the company’s pivot and solid set and nursery impact sprinklers. The one-piece threaded, nozzle vane combination replaces three individual components previously used: the traditional nozzle, the white vane and the nozzle holder. The nozzle-and-vane combination is placed inside the barrel of an impact sprinkler, and is easily installed with just a few quick turns. By combining the components, Senninger eliminates the possibility of losing a vane or nozzle retainer.

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Root zone watering system

Hunter Industries helps start trees and shrubs—and keep them healthy—with the patented StrataRoot design of its RZWS Root Zone Watering System. The design encourages roots to grow deep by employing both near-the-surface and deep-root watering through a series of internal baffles that deliver water where it’s needed most.

Composed of rough plastic mesh, the StrataRoot system allows water, air and nutrients to bypass challenged soil and reach root systems directly, delivering resources to all levels near the surface and deep down. A built-in swing joint on bubbler models provides maximum flexibility and easy installation, and the sturdy, removable end cap protects the RZWS while allowing the bubbler and check valve to be serviced.

Two bubbler options are available—0.25 gpm or 0.50 gpm—and three lengths—10-inch, 18-inch and 36-inch—provide the right reach for small shrubs to larger trees.

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Pressure compensating bubbler

Versatile pressure compensating bubblers from K-Rain provide the right amount of moisture to shrubs, trees, container plants and garden beds, delivering a uniform flow over a wide pressure range from 15 to 50 psi. Designed for a rugged environment, the 1/2-inch FPT threaded inlet makes these devices ideal for installations using PVC pipe and schedule 80 risers.

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Point source drip emitters

Hunter Industries has introduced a new family of pressure-compensation drip emitters for its micro irrigation line, designed for quick installation. Available in three inlets—self-piercing barb, 10/32 thread, and 1/2-inch female thread. The barb and 10/32 thread models are offered in .5, 1, 2, 4 and 6 GPH models; the 1/2-inch female threaded model is available in 1 and 2 GPH, and they’re color-coded for fast flow identification with coined edges for easy gripping.

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Clean water sistern pumps

Franklin Electric Co. Inc. has released its C1 Series stainless steel submersible cistern pumps designed for use in gray water/filtered effluent service applications, with the ability to pass solids up to 1/8-inch in diameter during normal operation without impacting the life of the pump. The C1 Series is constructed of a 304 stainless steel motor and outer shell with engineered polymer hydraulics providing superior corrosion resistance and abrasive handling. Additional pump features include robust thermoplastic discharge head to avoid breakage during installation and operation; removable, 5-inch-wide base for secure and reliable mounting; motor lead connection protected with a rubber boot and secured with a stainless steel strain relief; and unique bottom suction design that allows for maximum fluid drawdown without compromising durability or overall pump life. The C1 Series is available inflow ratings of 10, 20 and 30 gpm, with a maximum shut-off pressure of over 100 psi and is available with a high quality 115 V or 230 V, 1/2-hp motor.

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Smart controllers

Netafim Landscape Controllers from Netafim USA determine the unique watering needs of a specific landscape by incorporating both historical and current weather data, as well as real-time data from soil moisture sensors that monitor the amount of moisture available to plants in each zone. The NLC series of irrigation controllers offers an advanced suite of water-management features that include: intuitive programming for retrofit and expansion, remote management capabilities that allow professionals to adjust programming and review schedules of multiple sites from any internet-ready device, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with Netafim’s Total Cycle Management.

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