‘White Lava’ elephant ear

Colocasia Royal HawaiianÇ ‘White Lava’ forms atight clump that provides that exciting tropical look inthe garden without sacrificing premium real estate. Thelarge, glossy green leaves are adorned with a wide bandof creamy white down the center of each leaf, later radiatingout into the side veins. Each amazing leaf is furtherhighlighted by a large purple spot where the leaf attachesto the stalk. ‘White Lava’ is a medium grower, reaching 48inches by 36 inches at maturity. It’s perfect for large containers,garden borders, or mass landscape planting.

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Sunset Dwarf Gaillardia collection

Also from PlantHaven: Gaillardia Sunset Dwarf Collection varietieshave rows of flat petals of vibrant color fringed with yellow onstrong stems. Blooms are colorfast and age well over an exceptionally long period. Fresh, gray-green hairy foliage creates a compact, mounding habit 14 inches by 14 inches. Drought tolerant once established, these sun-loving, floriferous beauties are ideal for containers, beds and borders.

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Spring Meadow 2014 catalog

Twenty-two exciting new varieties can be found in Spring Meadow Nursery’s2014 catalog. Spring Meadow, the company behind Proven WinnersÇColorChoiceÇ Flowering Shrubs, worked with top breeders to carefully select these additions, which include new colors for the popular Lo & BeholdÇ line of butterfly bush and cold-hardy haskaps in the edible Vitamin BerriesT collection. What’s a haskap? It’s a native superfruit-a selection of Lonicera caerulea-and the new Sugar MountainT Blue haskap has the sweet taste ofraspberries and blueberries. Its large, elongated fruit are high in antioxidants.

For more information: http://www.springmeadownursery.com

Ready-to-use systemic antibiotics

ArborSystems has introduced a line of ready-to-use, systemic, antibiotic direct-inject chemicals formulated to be used in the company’s Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Injection System for ornamental trees, large woody shrubs and palms. Terrier Antibiotic is available in 120 ml and 1000 ml Quick-Connect Chemical Packs. It treats bacterial leaf scorch in elm, oak, sycamore, oleander and sweet gum trees; fire blight in mountain ash trees; ash yellows in ash trees; and phloem necrosis in elms. A 120 ml pack treats approximately 20 trees with a 12-inch DBH. Springer Antibiotic is available in 1,000 ml Quick-Connect Chemical Packs and is for seasonal suppression of lethal yellow disease in palms. It can be used anytime during the growing season. A 1,000 ml pack treats approximately 25 palms with a 12-inch DBH. Both contain oxytetracycline hydrochloride.

For more information: http://www.arborsystems.com/find-a-product/tree-care-2/

Easy pour solution

For a limited time-act now!-Bio-Safe Systems offers a free spigot with thepurchase of a 2.5- or a 5-gallon product.Products included in the offer are Zero-Tol 2.0, GreenClean Liquid 2.0 and Terra-Clean 5.0. Spigots are easily attached tothe 2.5- and 5-gallon containers and makepouring the liquid products less of a hassle.After purchase, this coupon offer isattached to products listed above and canbe mailed in to be redeemed. Rules andrestrictions apply.

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