Greenhouse mister

Functioning as an evaporative cooler, the Monsoon Air Mister from Buffalo Turbine lowers the canopy temperature inside greenhouses, sensitive landscaping and turf areas, public parks and outdoor banquet facilities where heat stress is high. It also offers relief to employees and customers inside hot and humid greenhouses.

The Air Mister utilizes a proprietary, high-speed rotary disc atomizer and can distribute a fine mist of water up to 50 feet with up to 180-degree oscillation capabilities. This revolutionary design is lightweight, portable and requires only a standard 110-volt power source and standard 1/2-inch barb fitting connection.

It is available in both a ceiling mount and portable unit: The portable option includes a 16-gallon tank. It’s easy and economical to maintain, with no small nozzle tips to unclog or replace.

The Monsoon Air Mister is also the solution for on-demand dust and odor control inside wood recycling and composting facilities.

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TerraClean 5.0

TerraClean 5.0 from Biosafe Systems is an activated peroxygen liquid concentrate that is effective for the control of soil-borne diseases like Erwina, Fusarium, Phytophthora, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Thielaviopsis and Verticullium. TerraClean5.0 works by surface contact with the soils being treated, reducing the potential of spreading disease through the greenhouse and nursery crops, preventing an epidemic and severe plant loss. TerraClean 5.0 has no mutational resistance and does not produce any visible residue or odor. TerraClean will help with root and stem disease control and can be applied during all stages of the growing season.

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