The 2015 Farwest Show has introduced a brand new addition to its show experience August 27 to 29. Designed specifically for greenhouse and nursery growers, and complement to the Idea Center for Retailers, The Solution Center for Growers will be running learning program on the main show floor featuring free live mini-seminars, demonstrations, and workshops.

Across 20+ mini-sessions during the show, top industry speakers and experts will present information and insight on specific grower related topics. Growers will get answers to specific questions and know-how for more efficient operations and increased profits.

The Solution Center for Growers, sponsored by OBC Northwest, Inc., nursery and greenhouse supplier, has lined up a full slate of informative presentations covering key facets of greenhouse and nursery growing. Topics include: environment and energy control, sustainable and biological pest control, lighting, food production, irrigation, bees, soil and media, operation efficiencies, nematodes, downy mildew, foliar feeding and more. All sessions are free to registered Farwest attendees.