20150422_113830Despite rain and chilly temperatures, AmericanHort staff celebrated Earth Day 2015. The staff observed the international event by contributing to the local landscape right outside the office doors.

Two honeybee hives were installed in the office landscape. They were split from the personal hives of David Blankenship, who serves as the AmericanHort Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales Representative and is a professional beekeeper. In keeping with the “Grow Wise, Bee Smart” initiative, a pollinator garden will be incorporated into the landscape when the weather gets warmer. Staff also picked up litter in the neighborhood.

In a final stage of the festivities, the staff planted a new tri-color beech purchased from a local independent garden center. Because the landscape around the office is irrigated, the beech will showcase its brilliant color, and inspire nearby offices by showing that a healthy landscape equals a healthy work environment.

“We had a lot of fun and no one was stung by the bees,” said Michael Geary, AmericanHort President and CEO. “It was also equally important that we model how to advocate for and support our local environment.”