Price Davis, Denver-based master craftsman and artist, recently installed the Denver Lily, a nearly 30-foot-tall sculpture, at Denver International Airport (DIA).

The three-piece, three-story sculpture, comprised of a base, flower pot and a stemmed flower with pod and leaves, is made of hand-forged sheets of steel that were stained and powder-coated. The sculpture is part of Davis’s “Global Peace Through Art” initiative, which is a grassroots effort to raise awareness of our creative class.

“We must celebrate the skilled artists that bring us beauty in our everyday lives. Art should inspire and take into consideration the diversity of its viewers,” said Davis, explaining the initiative.

Davis continued to describe the Denver Lily. “The work I create invites participants to pause and encounter a playful, lighthearted experience,” said Davis. “The Denver Lily embodies the components I strive to include in my art: conceptually simple, accessible and interactive. The purpose of art is to inspire, and I hope this work contributes to global inspiration in some way.”

The lily, a symbol of relationships and friendship, welcomes travelers to Denver International Airport. The installation will remain at DIA through July.

“By installing a giant flower sculpture in the center of DIA, our goal is to surprise and delight passengers during spring, while showcasing a local artist’s talent,” said DIA’s Art and Culture Manager, Chris Stevens. “This bright sculpture is monumental in height, which also highlights the scale of Jeppesen Terminal’s iconic tent roof architecture.”