Terri McEnaney. Photo credit: NancyKuehn/MSPBJ

Terri McEnaney. Photo credit: Nancy Kuehn/MSPBJ

The  Minneapolis/St.  Paul  Business  Journal  has  honored  Bailey  Nurseries’  President Terri McEnaney in their recent Women in Business for 2015 special issue. Honorees were selected based  on  their  impact  on  the  business  community  in  the  state  of  Minnesota, as well as their dedication to serving the community at large.

McEnaney was honored for her leadership in “grow[ing] the company significantly in terms  of  revenue,  staff,  global  reach  and  brand  development,”  as  well  as  her  “strategic acumen and industry insight.” Other honorees included executives from U.S. Bancorp, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, the American Cancer Society, Cargill, 3M and Wells Fargo.

“I  am  humbled  to  receive  this  honor  from  the  Minneapolis/St.  Paul  Business  Journal,” McEnaney said. “To be among this group of esteemed women is exciting. Seeing  successful  female  leaders  in  other  male-­‐driven  industries  pushes  me  to  continue working and encouraging women in horticulture to grow their passion into a long-­‐term, fruitful career.”

McEnaney and fellow nominees were celebrated at a special luncheon on May 28.