Vestaron Corporation has announced that it has received U.S. EPA approval to delete the bee toxicity warning statement from its SPEAR™ Biopesticide label following a review. The removal of the toxicity statement is supported by third-party topical and feeding evaluations that show SPEAR™ has no increased mortality or detrimental effects to honeybees.

The results of these studies were presented at an invited talk at the AgChem Summit 2015: Pollinators and Pesticides on December 2 in Arlington, VA.

“It’s exciting to unveil our more environmentally compatible biopesticides which for the first time perform comparably to synthetic insecticides,” said Robert Kennedy, Chief Scientific Officer at Vestaron

“This is a transformative time for Vestaron,” said John Sorenson, CEO of Vestaron. “We are leading the way in development of new insecticidal peptides with the 2016 commercialization of SPEAR™ for control of thrips in greenhouses. And in early 2016 we will be submitting additional data to the EPA on SPEAR™’s effects on beneficial insects used in greenhouses.”

The SPEAR™ family of bioinsecticides utilizes two new unique modes-of-action with no known resistance. This family of biopesticides is based on natural peptides which degrade to useful nutrients in the environment.