The Espoma Organic Company is pushing forward digitally by the re-design of its website. Visitors will find inspiration and knowledge to plant their dream gardens on the easy to navigate site.

With traffic coming from mobile devices approaching 50 percent, the website’s design allows users on any device to view it.

“We have something for everyone, from the novice to the master gardener,” says Jeremy Brunner, Vice President of Espoma. “Our new site is a community where everyone feels comfortable sharing their planting successes as well as empowered to ask questions and offer advice.”

Users will also be able to join the Espoma community right from the home page, allowing them to comment on blog posts, write reviews and rate Espoma products. They will automatically get emails with timely gardening tips and Espoma’s new monthly newsletter.

Additional new features include:

  • “Plant Food Finder” from the home page.
  • Expanded “Learn and Grow” section with videos, gardening projects, fact sheets, plant nutrition tips, resources and more.
  • “Find a Retailer” link on the home page.