The GrowIt! app was created with the goal of inspiring more gardeners. Over the last year it has succeeded in that mission: GrowIt! has helped thousands of people identify plants, and has grown a community of members enjoying plants that work in their area.

GrowIt! co-founders Mason Day and Seth Reed decided to team up with MasterTag, a producer of horticultural care tags, to build a robust platform of information available to the GrowIt! community. Now attached to the vast majority of pictures uploaded to the app are expanded details and planting instructions that users receive straight from the experts at MasterTag.

“This change now makes GrowIt! the go-to resource for anyone looking for both inspiration AND information in the garden,” said Day. Along with the addition of planting and care instructions, GrowIt! has also been design enhanced to ensure an app experience better than before, with access to information at a pace each user can enjoy.