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Tory Schwope Acquires Anna Nursery
Tory Schwope has announced the acquisition of Anna Nursery in Cobden, Illinois. Jason Tabor is returning to operate the century-old, 400-acre nursery.

Preproposals Due June 23 for Grants
Preproposals are due June 23 for either the Northeast SARE Research and Education grant or a Professional Development grantA preproposal is a brief concept document that describes project content, outcomes, and milestones. Only applicants with an approved preproposal can progress to a full proposal, due in the fall.

Keynote Presentation: Connecting People With Flowers
The Northeast Greenhouse Conference and Expo has announced the keynote speaker. The presentation is presented by Kate Santos, Dummen Orange Chief Operating Officer. The Northeast Greenhouse Conference and Expo is sponsored by the Extension programs of the six New England State Universities and New York State, and the New England Floriculture, Inc.

Critical Moment for Viable H-2B Program
The House Appropriations Committee is scheduled to take up its version of the 2017 fiscal year Department of Homeland Security funding bill on June 14.  This is the best vehicle for extending the H-2B visa cap’s returning worker exemption for next year. An H-2B returning worker amendment may be offered during the committee’s consideration of the bill. The amendment would simply extend, for one year, the H-2B returning worker exemption that Congress enacted last December.

Danziger to Exclusively Distribute Nir Nursery’s Products in A Few Countries
Danziger has reached an agreement with Nir Nursery to distribute their varieties in Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, Kenya, Ethiopia, Japan and non-exclusive distributor in Spain.

Philips Lighting and Dümmen Orange sign partnership agreement
Philips Lighting has signed a partnership agreement with Dümmen Orange. This partnership is a way of increasing their knowledge about the effects of LED lighting on new red rose varieties and other plants.

2016 AAS Summer Summit
All-America Selections and National Garden Bureau are teaming up for the 2016 AAS Summer Summit in Madison, Wisconsin. They will tour AAS Trials and Display Gardens as well as local businesses to see and hear from leaders of Wisconsin’s locally grown movement.

Village Nurseries Launches YouTube Video Series
Village Nurseries has launched a 10-episode series of videos on its YouTube channel that showcase low water use plants and shrubs that allow landscape professionals to design dramatic environments. Other videos that will be released bi-weekly through September include topics such as cactus and succulents, Flower Carpet roses, dry lush, vines and evergreen, shrubs for sun and Sunset Western Garden Collection.

Arborjet “Taking Root” Scholarship Program Deadline
The deadline for Arborjet’s “Taking Root” scholarship program must be postmarked by June 30. Applicants must be graduating high school seniors planning to major in a forestry course of study or related major for the entire 2016-17 academic year at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university.